The oil does not wear out...
it just gets dirty


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The company ECOFIL® Ltd. Michalovce was established in 1991.

Since its inception, ECOFIL® has been created as a manufacturer of filtration technologies, filter devices and filter elements. The latest knowledge and trends in the field of filtration of oils and industrial liquids have always been and are being applied to ECOFIL®'s production program.

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Filter elements

The filter cartridge is the most important element of the filter system. Filter elements with one process remove solid impurities + water + soft sludge (sediments, resins, varnishes).

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Filter housings ECOFIL®

ECOFIL® filter housings are made of aluminium. The filter housings have a powder coating against corrosion

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Filtration devices ECOFIL®

ECOFIL® filter devices are assembled from first-class foreign and domestic parts and sub-assemblies, assembled and thoroughly tested in the production company.

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online monitoring system

It is necessary to monitor the filtration process in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of the filtration. During filtration, we monitor the content of mechanical particles expressed by the NAS1638 and ISO4406

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oil analyses

Physical and chemical analysis and measurements of industrial oils and liquids. ECOFIL® standardly offers customers physical and chemical analysis of industrial oils and liquids.

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Regeneration of insulating transformer oils

Regeneration of electrical insulating (transformer) oil through ECOFIL® filtration devices regenerates electrical insulating oils to their original state

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Bypass Filtration (Off-Line)

The oil does not wear out... it just gets dirty

Industrial oils and fluids are crucial components of many production and operational processes. Their cleanliness and treatment quality are key factors influencing the reliability and lifespan of industrial equipment. One effective way to enhance the quality of industrial oils and fluids is by using ECOFIL® bypass filtration technologies (off-line) for their treatment and filtration.

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