ECOFIL® Bypass Filtration (Off-Line)

Industrial oils and fluids are crucial components of many production and operational processes. Their cleanliness and treatment quality are key factors influencing the reliability and lifespan of industrial equipment. One effective way to enhance the quality of industrial oils and fluids is by using ECOFIL® bypass filtration technologies (off-line) for their treatment and filtration.

How do ECOFIL® Bypass Filtration Technologies (By-Pass, Off-Line) work?

The bypass filtration system (off-line) is an independent filtering system that allows for the separate filtering of industrial oils and fluids outside of the main oil circulation. This means that the oil or fluid is drawn from the operational system, filtered (treated) through a separate filter with a filtration element, and then returned to the system. This process enables a more thorough and efficient filtration without affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

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Advantages of ECOFIL® Bypass Filtration Technologies (By-Pass, Off-Line)

  • Removal of solid contaminants, water, and soft sludge (resins) simultaneously during filtration
  • Removal of contaminants: metallic and non-metallic particles
  • Achieving cleanliness class ISO 4406: 13/11/8, NAS 1638: 2
  • Reduction of "free water" e.g., from 3000 ppm to values as low as 50 ppm
  • Elimination of bound water e.g., in transformer oils down to 1 ppm (1 mg/lit. H2O)
  • Removal of soft sludge (sediments and resins)
  • Reduction of TAN (Total Acid Number) to values as low as 0.001 mgKOH/g
  • Deaeration of oil
  • Lifetime oil fillings for technological equipment
  • Multiple extension of motor oil change intervals
  • Prolongation of the lifespan of full-flow filters: most contaminants are captured by the bypass filter (insert), preventing saturation of the full-flow filter
  • Significant reduction of wear: capturing solid contaminants prevents the "sandblasting" effect of these particles on machine components or sticking by soft sludge
  • Prevention of damage: preventing dynamic play in equipment components
  • Prolongation of machine lifespan: reduction of wear extends machine lifespan
  • Marked increase in operational reliability of mechanical equipment
  • Reduction of repair costs
  • Economic benefits
  • Environmental protection: preventive maintenance and extension of oil lifespan prevent pollution of natural resources
  • Automatic archiving of filtration progress and results for audit firms and demonstration of sustainable business development
  • Autonomous control of the filtration process

Implementation of ECOFIL® Bypass Filtration System (By-Pass, Off-Line)

1. Installation of the Filtration System: The process begins with the installation of an independent filtration system next to the existing operational system.
2. Connection to Industrial Equipment: The ECOFIL® filtration system is connected to the oil sump or oil circulation system, ensuring its continuous flow through separate filters with installed filtration elements.
3. Contaminant Removal: The filtration process removes solid contaminants, water and soft sludge (sediments, resins) at the same time during filtration.
4. Setting and Verification of Filtration Parameters: Parameters of the filtration process, such as pressure and flow, are set to ensure maximum filtration efficiency.
5. Monitoring and Maintenance: The ECOFIL® filtration system is regularly monitored by the independent NEURON® system to ensure its reliable operation and maximize filtration process results.

ECOFIL® filtration of industrial oils and fluids through a bypass system (off-line) is a significant step towards improving the reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of industrial equipment. This innovative approach to oil and fluid cleaning provides users with the opportunity to achieve best results in their production and operational processes.