Filter system is designed for oil separation and ferromagnetic particles. Magnetic separator is by-pass connection to main central oil system, which is working full automatic without staff. If separator is use with ECOFIL ultra-fine filtration, result of filtration is cleanless class NAS 3-4. This cleanless class is better than class of new oil.

Magnetic filter MF10“ is full-flow filter, which separating ferromagnetic particles from oil. Filter has magnet with force 0,9T. Filter is engaged in full-flow before inlet of device. Oil contamination is visible trapping ferromagnetic particals on magnet surface. The valves are necessary place before and after filter in hydraulics systems. Close the valves enables comfortable cleaning of the filter. After the closing valves, filter must be drain with drain-valve. When you pick up magnet fromr filter, you can remove all ferromagnetic particles from surface with using a spatula.