The device of a robust design is meant especially for precautional maintenance of systems with an oil content. The water content in oil is determined by measuring water activity and oil temperature and calculated using coefficients for temperature dependent water-in-oil solubility equation.


Water activity is independent on the oil type, age and temperature. Its value indicates the relative condition of current moisture level in oil to maximum possible level of water bound in the oil. The value 0 % means that oil does not contain any water. The value 100 % means the maximum saturation of water in oil and that a presence of free water is possible (so called emulsified water). The device is not designed to measure the emulsified water in oil.

Size (HxWxD) 168 x 104 x 35 mm
Touch colour LCD display 4.3’’ 480 x 272 pixel
Accumulator LiIon 3.6 V 6700 mAh
Charging time via USB 10 hrs max
A/D converter resolution 11 bits
Protection IP65 (NEMA 4)
Languages EN,DE,FR,ESP,RU,CZ
Material of device body Aluminium
Material of probe Stainless-steel 316L
Probe cable length 1.9 m
Range of water activity in oil 0 … 100 %
Range of temperature measurement -30 … 70 °C
Water activity in oil measurement accuracy ± 2 %
Accuracy of temperature measurement ± 1 °C
Water content in oil accuracy ± 2 % or ± 2 ppm


Amount of water-in- oil in ppm (mg/kg) is calculated based on the choice of recipe. User can define coefficients for 20 recipes. Each recipe is defined by name and two numbers. Recipe uses exponential dependence of water-in- oil solubility. Measurement can be improved by following procedure: Menu > Settings > Water activity sensor calibration. The device measurement recording capacity is 8 GB – internal micro SD card.