Analyzing set for oil cleanless standard by ISO 4406 and moisture content in oil.

Water and contaminates are in each hydraulics systems. The most important difference between levels of contaminations of systems are numbers of particles and particles size. Each component, wherein the coupling parts to each other relative movement, is sensitive to contamination by particles. Sensitivity level depends on the function and design of the component.

If the performed filtration corresponds with tolerably level of contamination, the system will work for a long time without signs of wear or degradation of performance.

Skilled maintenance staff for hydraulics are generally agreed, that most premature component failures and system are caused contamination with particles.

To determine the number of particles in the system, must be performed regular checks. A test kit for the analysis of liquids provides an easy method for performing qualitative analysis of particles in the system. Using the kit we can diagnose problems in the beginning, where minor repairs are required rather than large-scale interventions in the system.

Using a analyze case we can analyze particles, moister content and viscosity of the oil.

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